What is Narrative Futurism & why is it important?

As the global consensus reality shifts, so must habitual media narratives that suppress cultural diversity. At its epicenter, Beyond the Paradox as a concept entertains the idea of a humanity that is ‘more than the sum of its parts’.The architects of the world stage adopting a 'systems' approach are key to helping us identify and shift dominant narratives.  Invaluable to our thoughtful interrogation of the role media plays in shaping perceptions and perspectives of society, it is with their leadership that Futurist Juanique Randall ventures beyond the paradox of right and wrong, identifying dominant story-lines that shape our collective psyche. The ‘systems lens’ offers a window  through which to view the inter-connectivity of seemingly unrelated events. 
Understanding how each puzzle piece builds on the last helps change the subconscious behaviour that divides humanity.  The time has come to carefully examine the types of stories we tell ourselves and collectively navigate global scenarios for inclusive, thriving futures.

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