Futurist, Writer & Strategic Content Producer Juanique Randall founded Social Intel Consulting in 2007 to encourage collaboration across sectors in humanitarian development through linking communications and investment strategies.  Her overarching focus falls on the underlying dynamics of the media system, in the wake of its enormous responsibility to the well-being of society.

To effectively understand stakeholder's systemic challenges, she branched from her original field of study in Journalism to work within a variety of international humanitarian developmental sectors. Over the past decade, her focus has been on consulting to governments, NGOs, business and donor entities Rome, Serbia, Spain, USA, Hawaii and the SADC. Clients include DFID, the IDRC,  Atlantic Philanthropies, The Saville Foundation, Brach Family Charitable Foundation as well as corporate investment funds and various social justice institutions.  Engagement areas encompass climate adaptation, exponential 4IR technology integration and skills development, social entrepreneurship, responsible corporate governance and policy analysis. 
Passionate about integrated approaches to organisational and social growth, Juanique recently studied at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa at the Institute for Futures Research and is a pioneer in the application of systems thinking as a basis for developing effective communications and impact investment strategies.  During this time she wrote Beyond the Paradox.  

At its epicenter, the book entertains the idea of a humanity that is ‘more than the sum of its parts’. Perceptions, perspectives and the role the media plays in shaping society are carefully evaluated through the eyes of architects of the world stage that help us identify dominant narratives that shape our collective psyche.

She is particularly passionate about serving the recognition and elevation of Africa’s future role in leading global inclusive growth.  In 2010 she attended an Entrepreneurial Business Development course at the Cape Innovation Technology Initiative to develop a data-predictive artificial intelligence software program, with the objective of improving the functionality and performance of high-level investment decisions in emerging markets. A key objective is to showcase pockets of excellence in context to NEPAD and the NDP from the perspective of key stakeholders linking Africa’s transformation agenda with exponential technology.  During this period she learned to model natural systems through the Santa Fe Complexity Institute and deep learning online coding courses. 
In 2012 Juanique worked as Policy Analyst for sustainable business specialists GCX Africa, tracking and interpreting progressive  ESG investment trends; both legislative and corporate, for internal and client benefit. After attending Africa SIF/SINCO’s ESG Masterclass at UCT’s Graduate School of Business, she developed a knowledge sharing network of organisations to understand the implications of investor activism. She also worked on content development for corporate client sustainability reports. 
Alongside GCX preferred risk and compliance experts, Juanique initiated the development of an assessment tool for the market, as a vehicle to bring transparency to sustainability index on the stock exchange to adequately represent the 'S' sustainable investment criteria in ESG. Her detailed knowledge of South African policy landscape and key partnerships with Centre for Analytics and Behavioral colleagues in the artificial intelligence space, lead to a proposal to the government for a progress indicator for South Africa’s National Development Plan. 
Juanique has contributed to a number of publications in her capacity as writer, including the Institute for Institute for a Global Dialogue (IGB), Progress (in sustainable development) Picasso Headline Magazine, Investigative Africa Online News, the Integrated Reporting Assurance Council’s (IRAS) Research Report and Earthworks Magazine. 

In 2014 Juanique hosted a 6-series talk-show The Innovation Files on CTV, featuring the work of the South African Institute for Entrepreneurship. While the show was in post-production, she researched and prepared communications strategy for funders; co-hosting Emsebenzini, a show that amalgamates 3 current business programs on CTV with ongoing Innovation Files segment. She also adapted Dr Tanya Pergola’s book on the Masaai, Time is Cows to screen for documentary project in partnership with Los-Angeles based film production company Tree Media. Juanique is moving from consulting and research into storytelling. To raise awareness about the potential for futures thinking in solving humanity's challenges, in addition to the podcast - she is currently developing the concept for a documentary version of Beyond the Paradox.

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